Sunday, September 26, 2021

B350 Reversionary Panels

Below are some photos of two separate B350 Reversionary Panels that we've made recently.

The first panel shown here is based on the Pro Line Fusion Reversionary Panel.

In the above photos, you'll notice that the are no Korry switches fitted. This is because our customer will be using real Korry 389 switches in their simulator, which will be fitted at a later date. 

During the design process, however, they were kind enough to send several Korry 389's to us, so that we could verify the correct fit. Below are the results ...

Both of these reversionary panel variations have also been designed so that we can mount our own replica Korry switches if needed, and it's these which are shown in the photographs of the B350 Standard Reversionary Panel below ...

The large white panel that's shown in the above images is simply a mounting plate designed to keep the panels safe during transit, as they're surprisingly long (550mm) but only 40mm high, which leaves them a little fragile when it comes to shipping.

Friday, September 03, 2021

TBM-900 Panels

We now have a range of TBM-900 panels available through our updated website ...

TBM-900 De-Icing Panel

At the moment, the LEDs are separate to the fitted LED circuit board, although we'll be updating this shortly so that all of the connections are contained on the PCB itself. This will just tidy things up a little.

The toggle switches used on this panel have a longer than normal actuator, which allowed us to better replicate the switch holes seen on the real panels.

TBM-900 Landing Gear Panel

We've previously written a short blog post about this panel here ...

TBM-900 ECS Panel

We fit one of our own replica Korry switches to these panels, but the hole is also the correct size for a Korry 389 series switch.



TBM-900 Overhead Panel

This panel is by far the largest panel that we've ever made and we actually had to have the body of it manufactured off-site. And shipping them to our customers also requires some aluminum bracing in order to keep it well-protected in transit!

Thursday, November 12, 2020

PL21 Autopilot Unit

Based on the Pro Line 21 autopilot, we've recently added the PL21 Autopilot Unit to our list of products. This unit is supplied complete with a controller board for communicating via USB to a simulator. 

The unit is fully backlit, as shown in the above photograph.

A small software program is included, which can be used to send commands from the panel to a compatible simulator that has a registered version of FSUIPC, but there is also the ability to communicate directly with the Arduino controller. This allows you the option of writing your own software. Full communication details will of course be provided.

Monday, June 15, 2020

TBM-900 Landing Gear Panel

This is our first completed TBM-900 panel, which is fully backlit and comes supplied with all of the hardware shown in the photos below. 

In order to show the separation of the indicator backlighting, only one 
of the position indicators has been illuminated in these photos.

The following photo shows the panel backlighting on 
but all of the indicators (and the transition light) off.

And with everything off in daylight ...

We'll be releasing several other TBM-900 panels shortly, and we currently have a very patient customer awaiting the first set. They're all 95% complete but we're currently awaiting the delivery of some special switches before we show any photos of them ... ! 

Bell 206 NVG Avionics Stack

Below are a few quick photos showing an avionics stack that we made back in 2017 and which was destined for a Bell 206 simulator that required Night Vision training, hence the green backlighting and the red 7-segment digits.

The blank panel near the top of the unit was just a placeholder that we sent with the avionics stack until we'd made the EFIS units that would eventually be fitted. These are shown further down the post.

The above photo shows the unit with only the backlighting on, whilst below all of the individual radios have also been switched on.

The radios automatically pick up the correct information whenever they are turned on.

Below is the EFIS panel that would later replace the blank panel. The reason behind there being two separate EFIS units is that we built and supplied two separate avionics stacks.

C206 Pedestal Unit

This C206 Pedestal Unit was supplied along with the main instrument panel that was written about in an earlier post, here.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Dummy HF COMM Control Panel

This dummy HF COMM Control Panel faceplate was made for a customer who didn't actually require an operational radio but wanted something that at least looked the part, and so this was what we came up with. 

As much as we can, we like to make provisions so that dummy items can be made functional at some stage in the future if this is required. For this reason, it was constructed using the same measurements that we would use if building a working radio - although there's obviously no circuit board or display fitted to this example. 

And because we don't know how it might be used in the future, we ensured that the paint is bleed-proof should backlighting ever be needed, and the three buttonheads are similarly constructed and can all be individually removed for re-use.

We've previously found that dummy items are just as susceptible to people trying to operate them as functional parts, so we made sure to fit some encoders behind the two knobs - this means that they can be freely turned without causing any physical damage. Dummy buttons are also likely to be pressed, meaning that it's a good idea to secure them in place to prevent frustrated pilots from pushing them through the panel in their efforts to force some reaction!

This particular radio was destined for a Cessna Citation simulator, but we've also seen photos of them being used in TBM-900's, which happens to be the next product range that we're currently working on ...

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Custom Annunciator Panel

A few months ago we had a request for a custom annunciator panel that was to be based around the standard King Air Glareshield Annunciators that we sell. The basic aspect of the panel is determined by the footprint of the LED circuit board, although we altered the shape of the unit to suit our customer's need. We also removed the dimming potentiometer from the left-hand side of the panel.

Each annunciator is a completely separate piece and can be easily removed from the rear of panel and replaced with a new/different legend at a later stage if required.

As a comparison, below is a photo of our standard King Air Glareshield Annunciator Panel, with the LEDs powered.

Four different LED colours were used in the custom panel (red, yellow, blue, and cool white), and although it's not shown very well in the photos below, the blue was actually a nice deep colour and not quite as 'washed out' as it appears here.

Prior to manufacturing the actual panel, we also provided several previews of what it would eventually look like. This allowed us to alter a couple of details, such as the wording of FUEL CROSSFEED, which was changed to the more aesthetically-pleasing FUEL X FEED.

These previews also allowed us to show how the panel could be mounted, and we could also provide the exact dimensions of the cut-out required and the placement of the mounting holes.