Thursday, July 28, 2016

Custom ISFD Bezel

This bezel was one of several custom items that we recently made for one of our customers - a larger post that covers the rest of the components will follow in a few days.

The bezel, and the panel that the bezel is housed in, are designed to sit in front of an LCD monitor, so we had to make some very low profile buttons that still operated but wouldn't be too deep. These buttons are able to be illuminated as well, although this isn't shown in the video.

Also, the button clicks are nowhere near as loud as they sound here!

Below are a few photos to show how it's been constructed ...

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Audio Panel: GMA350c

This is a panel that was requested by a customer recently. It was designed ready to be connected to the particular interface board they are using and is based around the actual measurements of a real unit. The panel itself is backlit and all of the buttons are illuminated too (as are the indicators when necessary!). The volume indicators are also pre-wired for easy connecting.

Below is a shot of the rear of the unit. There's no visible mounting screws on the front panel, so a mounting panel is needed to fix this onto the MIP. This is not shown here, however.

ACARS Printer Buttons

Not much to say about these really: a set of custom-made buttons and indicators that were designed to fit an ACARS printer that a customer already had fitted in their sim ...

Pilatus PC-24 components

A couple of months back we made some bits and pieces for a customer who's building a Pilatus PC-24 simulator. 

The first item below being a bezel and buttons for an L-3 Avionics Standby ESI Bezel, of which we supplied two. The buttons on these units were just dummy items.

Honeywell MFD/PFD Bezels (x4) - again with dummy buttons.

Some Glareshield Buttons that we constructed in a vertical 
configuration as opposed to the standard horizontal 
versions that we make.

And then to finish it all off, a Pilatus logo badge as well ...