Friday, October 21, 2022

TBM-900 Main Instrument Panel (DXF)

We're not in a position to be able to offer a full TBM-900 main instrument panel, although because we needed to draw up an initial design around which we could organise the panels that we do make, we thought that these drawings might provide a useful starting point for someone beginning to build a simulator, instead of the files simply hiding away in our file system ...

The DXF (along with a PDF file) can be downloaded directly from our website on the following page (you'll need to scroll through to find it):

Below is a quick image of the model from which the DXF is derived.

The measurements are not based on a real TBM-900 aircraft, so they will not be accurate for this, but the dimensions can be modified within your own drawing software to suit the width/height of your cockpit's construction.

The design was based around the use of 3mm aluminum, and the holes and cutouts for the following Ruscool Electronics parts are included (shown fitted below, with the exception of the 15" MFD):

    - Master Caution Button
    - Master Warning Button
    - De-Icing Panel
    - Park Brake Panel
    - Gear Panel
    - ECS Panel
    - CB Lighting Panel
    - Static Source Selector Panel
    - Crew Music Panel
    - 15" MFD Unit

The DXF for the main instrument panel only shows the hole cutouts and mounting screw positions of the aforementioned panels (not their outer dimensions), although the drawings for these can be downloaded from the same page as the MIP design.

There are, of course, still several other items needed for a full TBM cockpit that you'll want to include, but which we don't sell ourselves - such as the GMC710, the GCU475, and the G1000 units. These parts will need to be added to your design separately, and suppliers who manufacture these items will likely be able to provide you with the necessary dimensions so that you can incorporate them.