Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Replica GMA340 Panel

This replica GMA340 audio unit was one of several components that we supplied for the pedestal unit that accompanied the AS350 job, which was previously written about here

As with all of our panels, the buttons are backlit.

Although there's no evidence of the dual encoders on the circuit board (shown below), these were both actually fitted directly to the main panel and wired directly from there. This isn't the ideal way of doing things of course, but there was a limited amount of space to work with - and so this was the solution.

The circuit board itself was designed to be as universal as possible - the wires were just taken away from the headers to the I/O controller that our customer was interfacing with. 

This audio panel could also be incorporated alongside one of our intercom systems.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Cabin Pressurisation Panel

This is another custom panel that we made for one of our good customers a couple of years ago.

The adjustable front on the Cabin Altitude gauge is connected to an encoder, and the gauge faceplate was engraved onto translucent material which allows it to be backlit.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Citation Mustang Oxygen Panels

These are a new addition to our range of backlit cockpit panels for the Cessna Citation Mustang.

Although they're not shown on our website yet (like a lot of items that we make), if you're interested in a set of these, you can contact us here.

The Captain's Oxygen Panel (fully backlit and populated with the hardware) is priced at US$195-00.

The F/O's Oxygen Panel (fully backlit and populated with the hardware) is US$156-00.

This particular set was configured for 12V lighting, although if you would prefer 5V instead, this is no problem to arrange.

The Oxygen Mask fitting is a dummy part - it is in no way functional.

And we've also recently updated our Citation Mustang Circuit Breaker Panels, which can now be supplied with riser plates that will allow them to sit forward of the cabin's structure slightly. Below are some photos ...

This is not a very good representation of the lighting unfortunately, which was far more subtle than it looks here!