Monday, June 15, 2020

TBM-900 Landing Gear Panel

This is our first completed TBM-900 panel, which is fully backlit and comes supplied with all of the hardware shown in the photos below. 

In order to show the separation of the indicator backlighting, only one 
of the position indicators has been illuminated in these photos.

The following photo shows the panel backlighting on 
but all of the indicators (and the transition light) off.

And with everything off in daylight ...

We'll be releasing several other TBM-900 panels shortly, and we currently have a very patient customer awaiting the first set. They're all 95% complete but we're currently awaiting the delivery of some special switches before we show any photos of them ... ! 

Bell 206 NVG Avionics Stack

Below are a few quick photos showing an avionics stack that we made back in 2017 and which was destined for a Bell 206 simulator that required Night Vision training, hence the green backlighting and the red 7-segment digits.

The blank panel near the top of the unit was just a placeholder that we sent with the avionics stack until we'd made the EFIS units that would eventually be fitted. These are shown further down the post.

The above photo shows the unit with only the backlighting on, whilst below all of the individual radios have also been switched on.

The radios automatically pick up the correct information whenever they are turned on.

Below is the EFIS panel that would later replace the blank panel. The reason behind there being two separate EFIS units is that we built and supplied two separate avionics stacks.

C206 Pedestal Unit

This C206 Pedestal Unit was supplied along with the main instrument panel that was written about in an earlier post, here.