Wednesday, July 31, 2019

ATR Main Electric Panel

This is another ATR-72 overhead panel that we made a few months ago for a customer. 

We've previously made an ATR-72 Engine Start Panel, which uses the same replica Korry switches that are shown here. For more detail about the general construction of this panel, the post regarding the aforementioned Engine Start Panel can be found here.

C206 Main Instrument Panel

This was large custom job that we finished back in mid-2017, although we've been so busy that it's only now that we've had some time to write something up about it. The job itself was co-ordinated between our customer in France and ourselves in New Zealand, with some of the items being sent to us to fit (the General Simulator G1000 units, the TRC mixture pots, and the Flight Illusion standby gauges) and the rest of the parts being manufactured in our workshop and the entire instrument panel assembled and wired.

After spending a long time calculating various angles etc. to get our drawings correct, we had the glareshield formed for us by a local company and upholstered.

A quick note: as this was made more than two years ago now (back in 2017), we've since modified a couple of the components to better reflect the actual aircraft. Small details perhaps, but more aesthetically pleasing (see below) ...

The flaps lever: 

Pull switches:

Updated vinyl flaps labels: