Monday, April 03, 2017

Customised B200 Audio Panel

The panels that are in our standard product range are not always exactly what our customers want, and so we're happy to customise items wherever we can.

Sometimes the alterations can be fairly major, whilst other times it's just a simple word change here or there.

In this particular instance, we swapped out the standard 1/4" jacks for some 3.5mm versions, added some blue backlighting, and made some fairly minor modifications to the text and its positioning.

Subsequent to taking the above photo, we actually wired a pair of our intercom units to this panel as well. There were still a couple of connections for our customer make once it arrived (we only left them off for reasons of safe transit), although these were fairly straightforward.

As a comparison to one of our standard B200 Audio Panels, below is a photo which shows the standard engraving layout and the holes for the 1/4" jacks.